Washing Machine Drum Technology
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Washing Machine Drum Technology

Newer washing machines have many programmes, ranging from conventional to high-tech. When choosing a machine, you will need to work out which features you’re willing to pay extra for, and which ones you will not need.​

Washing Machine Drum Technology

Washing machine technology is continually improving, and modern models have a whole host of features. Exactly what you will get varies depending on the brand and model you choose. Usually, the more expensive the machine, the more features it has. ​​​​​​​We’ve listed some of the technology that we think is useful for most households, to help you make the right choice for your family.

​​​​​​​Some machines have a specially designed drum that is created to distribute the laundry more evenly during a wash cycle. This helps to get every piece thoroughly clean and avoids wobbles that can make spin cycles noisy.

​​​​​​​Keep your clothes fresh and clean with a ‘6 Motion Direct Drive’. This technology moves the wash drum around in more directions, caring for your fabrics and getting clothes ultra clean. For powerful washes, it can use Stepping, Filtration, and Scrubbing, and it has Tumble, Rolling, and Swing for more delicate clothing.

RapidJet or Aquatech technology fires a mix of water and detergent directly down from the top of the drum, so powerful jets of water do the job of drum movement. The result is that it washes up to twice as quick which are also up half as harsh on your clothing.

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