Washing Machine Technology
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Washing Machine Technology

Newer washing machines have many programmes, ranging from conventional to high-tech. When choosing a machine, you will need to work out which features you’re willing to pay extra for, and which ones you will not need.​

Washing Machine Technology

Washing machine technology is continually improving, and modern models have a whole host of features. Exactly what you will get varies depending on the brand and model you choose.

Brushless Motors

​​​​​​​Modern brushless motors reduce noise for a quieter, shorter and more efficient wash. The machine walls are often designed in a way that absorbs sound and reduces vibrations.

​​​​​​​Adding to the Wash

​​​​​​​It is quite a common occurrence to add a load of laundry to the machine, put in the detergent, and start the wash cycle – only to find that you have dropped a sock on the way downstairs! This I really annoying, so brands have started to add portholes with little doors that allow you to add extra items to the wash after it has started. Some other models include a Pause button that gives you the ability to pause the cycle before a certain point in the cycle and add items.

Stain Removal

​​​​​​​Many families find their clothes need to go through a lot of dirty activity, which makes removal of stains more important than ever. With ActiveCare technology, a combination of detergent and water penetrates deep into the fibres of your clothes. It can deal with 100 of the most stubborn stains at 20°C, ensuring your clothes come out pristine.

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