Cleaning your Washing Machine
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Cleaning your Washing Machine

Well, Summer is here, and it is time to give our appliances a little love. Everything needs a little maintenance, including your trusty washing machine.

Cleaning your Washing Machine

It is important to regularly clean your washing machine at least every fortnight!

Clean the detergent drawer

Remove the detergent drawer from the machine and use an old toothbrush to scrub it clean. Don’t forget the cavity and make sure it is dry before replacing it.

Clean the filter

Your washing machine has a filter to protect the pump from coins and so on. It is usually at the bottom of the machine, behind a cover, (check the user manual if unsure!) Carefully pull out the emergency drain tube (if you have one) and place a shallow bowl underneath, then unplug it and allow the water to drain out. Gently clean the filter with a cloth and put everything back.

Clean the drum

We recommend running an empty, 60 degree wash every two months with 500mls of soda crystals. This kills germs, removes odours and stops soap scum and limescale building up!

Prevent unpleasant odours

Always leave the door ajar! Especially in the Summer, keeping the door slightly open allows air to circulate, and that stops the germs that make damp smells.

Clean the door seal

Between the door and the drum is the ultimate breeding ground for detergent and dirt! Before and after every wash, gently wipe the seal with a cloth.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Use the appropriate detergent

There is a vast array of detergents available. However, one size does not fit all! Expert recommends selecting a detergent based on your washing requirements; Is it heavily soiled? Coloured items? Whites? There’s a detergent for everything these days.

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