Cleaning Your Washer Dryer
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Cleaning Your Washer Dryer

Manufacturers build their washer-dryers to last; but you need to expend a little effort to prolong the lifespan of your washer dryer even further, make sure it is running efficiently, and save money on energy costs.

Cleaning Your Washer Dryer

It does the work of two appliances in one, so alongside regularly cleaning any filters, giving your washer dryer a deep clean at least once a year will ensure that it continues to perform efficiently for years to come. Here’s our guide on how to maintain your washer dryer.

Run an empty wash on the machine’s hottest setting. When it is complete, scrub down the drum and pat it dry. This will kill any germs, remove odours and prevents soap scum and limescale from building up in hard-to-reach places! We advise that you to do this once a month.

* Take out and clean the detergent tray. Ensure it is free from residual detergent by washing it under a tap, scrubbing with an old toothbrush. Check the cavity is free from debris before you put it back.

* Clean the lint filter. If you have a lint filter it quickly becomes clogged up with fibres from your clothes. Ideally, it should be cleaned after every use of the washer-dryer to make sure there is an unrestricted airflow.

* Check vents. You can use a brush to clean any dirt and debris from the vent, hose or any outside wall vents.

* ​​​​​​​It is worth noting that should you live in a hard water area, your washer-dryer will require some extra maintenance! Run a cycle of hot water with 4 litres of white vinegar every month to help prevent limescale from building up and damaging the interior of the machine.

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