Tumble Dryer Programmes Part 2
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Tumble Dryer Programmes Part 2

Tumble dryers have a variety of programmes, from basic timed cycles to specific settings for particular fabrics. Some models even have intelligent sensors that protect your washing.

Tumble Dryer Programmes - Part 2

Before you buy, it’s a good idea to decide which programmes you think you will need, and which ones are available in your price range. This handy guide will help you choose the right tumble dryer for you.

Programmes By Fabric Type

More often than not, a tumble dryer comes with separate drying settings for clothing made of cotton and synthetic materials. To take care of delicate fabrics, some tumble dryers have a specialised cycle using gentle heat and less tumbling. This ensures that sensitive materials are not damaged by the drying process. Synthetic programmes can only dry approximately half the amount of clothing compared to cotton garments, due to the specific nature of the fabric.

Programmes By Time

Some of the more wallet-friendly tumble dryers require you to set the drying time manually, rather than being sensor-controlled. Therefore, a degree of guesswork is needed to achieve your desired level of dryness.

Special Programmes

Some tumble dryer manufacturers offer a range of special programmes, designed to perform specific functions. Outdoor wear programmes dry more substantial items like coats and jackets with ease, whereas lingerie programmes give your light, delicate items the TLC they need. Some manufacturers even offer programmes designed for drying garments such as jeans. Super quick programmes get your clothes ready to wear again in a jiffy. The speed of the cycle can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, so it’s worth doing some research before you buy. Easy iron programmes swap between warm and cool air to ensure your clothes are as crease-free as possible.

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