Tumble Dryer Noise And Vibration Part 1
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Tumble Dryer Noise And Vibration Part 1

When describing the sound levels of an appliance, we use decibels (dB). The higher on the range of dB an appliance is, the louder it will sound.

Tumble Dryer Noise And Vibration Part 1

As a reference, 15-30 dB is approximately as loud as a whisper, 60 dB is the level of a normal conversation, and a lawnmower makes around 90 dB. Different tumble dryers have different sound levels. The average is about 70 dB. Quieter tumble dryers will be in or around the low 60s.

Using the listed sound level can be an excellent way of picking a quieter product. However, appliances with a lower dB level can sometimes sound louder than models sitting higher on the scale. This is because the dB range only measures the sound’s intensity, not its frequency. Tapping a table surface and tapping a glass or tin may have the same dB level, but as the frequency is different, one sounds louder than the other. Companies test tumble dryers in an “ideal” environment. Chances are, your kitchen is not ideal! Asa result, appliances may sound louder in real life, depending on the amount of echo in the room

Designed To Be Quiet

As tumble dryers have a lot of moving parts, they are quite noisy, but there are some features that reduce the noise level. Models with inverter motors tend to be a lot quieter than those that don’t. A lot of inverter motors do not have brushes, which means they have less friction when the motor is running. Less friction means less sound from the appliance and less disturbance for you. Some tumble dryers have built-in insulation, which reduces the amount of sound that escapes.

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