Tumble Dryer Size And Dimensions Explained
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Tumble Dryer Size And Dimensions Explained

Knowing your new tumble dryer’s size is essential, as you’ve probably chosen space for it already. Some appliances vary a lot in size, but thankfully, tumble dryers come in two distinct types – full size and compact.

Tumble Dryer Size And Dimensions Explained

The physical dimensions of tumble dryers can relate to the amount of washing they can hold, but it’s not always true that you can fit more into a larger machine.

Full-Size Tumble Dryers

Full-size tumble dryers are usually of a typical size, and much more common than compact models in the UK. If you want enough space to dry a load straight from the washing machine, you’ll need one of these designs. These dryers usually measure 85 cm in height, 60 cm in width and 60 cm in depth, although there is some variation between makes and models. If you have particularly short counters or a specific space in your kitchen, it’s worth spending time researching the slight differences in size. However, working with the standard dimensions will give you a good idea of whether a tumble dryer will fit into your home.

Compact Tumble Dryers

For those with significantly less space or lower laundry drying requirements, a small, compact tumble dryer could be perfect. These models occupy a much smaller footprint, with dimensions around 67 cm tall, 49 cm wide and 48 cm deep. These small, handy appliances are easy to slot into a kitchen or utility room. However, they often have smaller internal capacities and are more difficult to find.


It’s not just the size of the appliance you should be considering. The size of the door can have a noticeable impact on how simple the dryer is to use. If you’re frequently washing large, bulky items, getting them in and out of smaller portholes can become a real chore. For the most common front-loading models, portholes range in size from 30cm diameter to 48 cm – which can easily take anything you might throw at it!

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