Cooker Features Part 2
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Cooker Features Part 2

Even the most simple cookers will have a section of different programmes and settings. New features are always coming onto the market as manufacturers innovate, so it is worth thinking about which functions and extras you will need – and which you will not use.

Cooker Features - Part 2

In this second part of our guide, we continue to cover some of the more common cooker features to help you know what to expect.


Cookers usually have a range of controls, such as rotary knobs or touch controls to control the hob, plus a number of dials or buttons for the oven.

  • Touch controls are a feature that is often found on electric, ceramic, and induction hob cookers. They give you more precise control of heat settings, display the power level, and allow you to adjust settings for each zone.
  • If you have a gas hob, then an ignition dial is quite common. Rather than using a separate button to light the flame, these controls allow you to turn on the gas and light the flame in one movement.
  • Oven controls can sometimes have a touch screen that lets you set the temperature, programme, timer, and other options. Alternatively, you may have an LED display with separate buttons on either side.
  • Digital clocks and timers are handy extras that help you to keep an eye on how long your food has left to cook. Some models will even allow you to turn the oven on and off automatically at a certain time.
  • Several high-end models feature smart technology. You will be able to control your cooker directly from an app or even your voice-controlled speaker – for example by setting up a timer, changing the settings, or even finding new recipes to try! Bear in mind that as this is a new technology, you will have to pay a little bit more if you want these features.

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