Cooker Features Part 1
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Cooker Features Part 1

Even basic cookers have a selection of different settings. New features are always coming out, so it’s worth considering what functions and extras you need.

Cooker Features - Part 1

Here are some common cooker features.


Many cookers have double or even triple-glazed glass doors, which improves energy efficiency as they retain heat better. They also keep the outside cool to the touch, so you do not need to worry about burning your fingers on the door. Some higher-end models have powerful lights in the oven that give you an excellent view of your food. This also saves energy, as you don’t have to keep opening the door to check on your food.

Warming drawers are a useful addition. Often underneath the main oven, these provide an easy way to heat up plates. They can be used to gently defrost frozen food or a place to prove dough. Some models feature cavities that have rounded edges to help the hot air to move around – this cooks your dishes more evenly. You should lookout for an oven with adjustable shelving, so you can move the shelves around to fit in larger dishes. Telescopic shelves make using the oven safer: they slide out smoothly and support heavy dishes even at full extension.


Many freestanding cookers have a grill, either as a separate compartment or within the oven itself. A good grill cooks food evenly to give a golden, crispy finish. Keep your eye out for variable and full-width options. Variable grills let you to adjust the temperature, while full a width or double grill covers the whole cavity so you can fit more food on it. There are also gas models with eye-level grills. This doesn’t look as modern but makes it easier to see how well your food is cooking and is better if you have mobility problems as you do not need to bend down.

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