Cooker Hoods and Extractors
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Cooker Hoods and Extractors

Cooker hoods are a convenient way to keep your kitchen smelling clean and fresh as well as looking great. They recycle or remove odours from food, smoke, and moisture while minimising the amount of grease in the air.

Cooker Hoods and Extractors

Hoods and extractor fans are available in a variety of styles: e.g. chimney, visor, canopy, integrated, and island.

Choosing The Size 

To ensure your cooker hood works most efficiently, pick a model that’s the same width as your hob. However, if you have a lot of space, you can get a bigger one. Bigger hoods are great for large spaces as they have more powerful motors, so can recycle more air. Smaller hoods are quieter and more suited to compact kitchens. Generally, cooker hoods are in standard sizes: 60 cm, 70 cm, and 90 cm. Some manufacturers offer matching hoods for cookers and hobs, so you can get a seamless look.

Choosing The Type

There are many cooker hoods available, but the names are a little confusing. Below are the most common types.

Visor Hoods

Visor hoods are the most traditional type. They stick directly out of the wall above the cooker. These are more affordable and a practical choice for smaller kitchens.

Integrated Hoods

This hood fits behind your unit doors and gives a seamless look.

Canopy Hoods

These are fitted under the overhead units, directly above the hob. They are more visible than integrated hoods but are very effective.

Chimney Hoods

If you want to make a statement, a chimney hood is an aesthetically pleasing way to do so. They are mounted on the wall and have a chimney leading off above a fan.

Island Hoods

These are like chimney hoods but attached to the ceiling above an island worktop. You need plenty of space to accommodate one. If you can afford it, an island hood makes a practical and stylish statement.


This is a great choice for a sleek, minimalistic kitchen as the hood rises up from the worktop. Air is channelled down into the appliance rather than upwards.

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