Which Fuel Is Best For A New Cooker
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Which Fuel Is Best For A New Cooker

One of the first decisions you make when deciding on a new cooker is fuel type. Unless you want a solid fuel range cooker, you have two options: gas and electric.

Which Fuel Is Best For A New Cooker

Gas is more energy-efficient and produces heat more quickly. However, it may provide uneven temperatures in the oven, as the top is often hotter than the bottom. Electric cookers offer consistent oven temperatures, especially fan models. Conventional electric hobs are not as efficient and cook slower than gas. Ceramic and induction hobs are more practical as the surfaces are smoother. You can have the best of both worlds with a dual fuel cooker. These have electric ovens and gas hobs, but the flexibility is often reflected in their price


Different cookers have different features. Many have a twin cavity, but some only a single cavity. Single models usually have a large oven, and sometimes a drawer beneath to hold pans and trays. If you want more flexibility, a twin cavity model may be more suitable. These often have a combined oven and grill in the top, sometimes a separate grill.


There are four main types of cooker hob – gas, solid plate, ceramic and induction.

Gas Hob

One of the most common hobs, these have burners with enamel or cast-iron supports for pans. These models give you a lot of control overheat, but can be difficult to clean.

Solid Plate Hob

This type used to be common, but is being replaced now by ceramic and induction models. These have electric filaments raised above the surface of the cooker. They are cheaper but quite slow, inefficient, and hard to clean.

Ceramic Hob

Ceramic hobs have a glass surface that is easy to wipe. They are electric, and although slower to heat up than gas, give a modern look.

Induction Hob

These are extremely efficient hobs that heat the bottom of the pan directly so do not waste much energy. However, they are expensive and need steel or iron cookware.

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