Benefits Of Choosing A Bigger Dishwasher
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Benefits Of Choosing A Bigger Dishwasher

If you are not sure what capacity of the dishwasher to buy, our guide will help you. This article explains what exactly “place setting” is, and how much you ought to be able to expect to fit into a full size, slimline or even a compact dishwasher. Choosing the right capacity is very important as you will want to fit in as much in as possible of your daily dishes to avoid washing up by hand. Running a large dishwasher less often than a smaller dishwasher is more efficient. But how much can you fit in? To maximise the benefits, you need to fill your dishwasher completely.


One of the biggest factors dictating how much you can fit inside your dishwasher is – of course - its size. If you have a larger household or can store up plenty of dishes to wash in one go, a full-size dishwasher will suit you. However, full-size dishwashers are physically large so you will need to make sure you have the space to fit it into your kitchen. Full-size dishwashers generally have a capacity of between 12 and 16 place settings. A slimline model might only have 10 place settings. Compact dishwashers tend to have just 4 to 6 place settings. 


The standard measurement for a dishwasher’s capacity is the number of place settings it can hold. Most dishwashers have up to a 13-place setting capacity, but what does this mean? Officially, a place setting is:

  •          a dinner plate
  •          a dessert plate
  •          a single glass
  •          a soup bowl
  •          a teacup with saucer
  •          an assortment of cutlery.

Of course, we do not all use two types of plates and a cup and saucer every time we eat but a place setting helps to give you an idea of exactly what you can fit inside your new dishwasher.

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