Dishwasher Features Part 3
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Dishwasher Features Part 3

In this third part of our dishwasher features article, we look at advanced dishwasher functions and features.

Dishwasher Features Part 3


The delayed start is really helpful if you want to make sure your dishes are clean and ready to use whenever you need them. Just load up the dirty crockery, choose when you want the programme to start, and you will have freshly cleaned dishes in time for dinner.

A safety lock is useful for families with young children. It prevents curious fingers from altering the programme settings or opening the dishwasher while it is running.


Sensor washing is only found on high-end dishwashers. Detecting the soiling level of the water, it adjusts the temperature and length of the wash. Soil sensors follow the same principle but the cycle length and water use are based on how dirty your load is. Some dishwashers are even fitted with a load sensor that detects the weight of dishes and only uses the minimum amount of water to clean them.


Dishwasher filters are usually tube-like sieves at the bottom of the machine. They collect any food that comes off in the wash so it is not deposited back onto your clean dishes. Manual filters need to be emptied them out by hand; self-cleaning filters do not need this.


Some brands have doors that stay open at the angle you leave them at so the door does not drop down when you’re loading.

Some high-end dishwashers now have AutoOpen drying technology which opens the door at the end of the cycle, so fresh air can help dry your load.


Steam dishwashers use a high-pressure, high-temperature steam during their wash. It loosens tough or dried-on stains. This reduces the need for pre-washing. The high-temperature steam kills bacteria, so dishes are hygienic. It doesn’t use harmful cleaning chemicals, plus you only need a little water to create sufficient steam.


Heat exchanger dishwashers give extra care to delicate glasses and porcelain.

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