Dishwasher Features Part 2

Dishwasher Features Part 2

In this second part of our dishwasher features article, we look at controls, displays and interior layouts.

Dishwasher Features Part 2


Control panels are usually located on the front door of the dishwasher, but on some models, they are on the top edge of the door. This is mainly for stylistic reasons, so the controls are not seen when the door is closed. A lot of models have LED timer display that tells you how long the programme has got to run, and an alarm that signals when it is finished. Touch screens are becoming more common, though most models still have dials and buttons. Indicator lights are useful to warn you when the salt or rinse aid is low.


Adjustable racks are a useful feature, as they allow you to change the machine’s layout to fit your load. If you have large pots and pans, height-adjustable racks let you fit them into the bottom rack, even if you have the upper rack full. Some models have a lifting mechanism on racks, so you don’t have to bend down.

Fold-down prongs are useful if you have wide trays that need holding up. Some dishwashers have a third tray specifically for cutlery –so it receives a thorough clean.

Specific wash zones may be designated for heavily soiled items. Not every model has them, but they can be useful if you have tough stains to shift.

Stainless steel interiors are becoming popular in dishwasher design as they’re low maintenance. They use a lower power element for drying, saving you energy and therefore money. This is kinder to heat-sensitive items although it costs more than the average plastic-lined tub. Stainless steel models are quieter and have very efficient drying cycles - the heat is reflected off the metal. They can work at higher water temperatures, so all of your dishes come out sterilised as well as sparkly clean.

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