Dishwasher Features Part 1
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Dishwasher Features Part 1

Dishwasher technology is always getting better, and modern dishwashers have lots of features that help make washing dishes a breeze. Over a series of articles, we will explain some of these features, to help you pick the right dishwasher.

Dishwasher Features Part 1


Spray arms dispense water in your dishwasher evenly so it covers all your dishes and cutlery. Every dishwasher has one or more, but there are four types:


This is most common and has a circular pattern of water distribution, like a garden sprinkler. Water is pumped into the spray arms, which are located under the bottom and top baskets, and it is then sprayed onto your dishes. Water pressure makes the arms spin, circulating the water evenly.


Some dishwashers have a third spray arm on their ‘ceiling’. This is usually found when a dishwasher has a dedicated cutlery tray at the top.


Cleaning performance sometimes drops if the water jets can’t get water onto everything –this can be an issue with awkwardly shaped dishes. That is where a satellite spray arm is handy. This mini spray arm is located on the end of a larger spray arm. The double-rotation means that water can reach all the awkward corners that may not be properly cleaned otherwise.


This system uses a bar spray arm which moves backwards and forwards along the bottom of the tub. All the dishes, therefore, get an even coverage from the resultant “wall of water”. This is a fairly new feature that the high-end brands are starting to include.


One of the most useful safety features is anti-flood protection. This means you will not come home to a flooded kitchen if the dishwasher has a fault. It automatically turns off your water supply if a burst pipe is detected, and will therefore stop the water level from rising too high in the base of the machine and leaking out.

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