Dishwasher Programmes
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Dishwasher Programmes

Most modern dishwashers have a variety of programmes to choose from, and this is one of the things you’ll need to think about before you buy.

Dishwasher Programmes

Standard Programmes

Every dishwasher has a standard wash programme. More often than not, this runs at a temperature of 65°C which kills germs and guarantees your dishes come out clean. Another programme you will often find is the economic cycle. This is ideal for loads that are not too dirty. It takes a bit longer than a regular programme but cleans at a lower temperature of perhaps 50°C. If you have dishes with tough, dried-on, you’ll benefit from a dishwasher with an intensive programme that cleans dishes at 70°C

Special Programmes

  •          More expensive dishwashers have programmes specifically designed for cleaning glassware. These help glasses come out shiny and watermark-free.
  •          A delicate cycle washes at a lower temperature and pressure to treat fragile items with care
  •          Some dishwashers have a half load option, for when you only have a few items. This can save energy and water.
  •          Rinse and pre-wash settings are also useful to remove food waste from plates and prevent odours while you wait to generate a full load. Remember to scrape off food remains though, as they will get stuck in the drain at the bottom of the machine.

Drying Functions

Dishwashers are also designed to dry dishes, not just wash them, and they do this in several ways. Heat drying is quicker but uses up more energy. Some dishwashers have used a fan drying process to get dishes dry without using heat. Stainless-steel tubs are worth investing in: they stay hotter for longer and will dry dishes more efficiently. Some of the high-end dishwashers now feature AutoOpen drying technology. This is a feature that uses fresh air to dry your dishes – the machine automatically opens the dishwasher door slightly at the end of the cycle.

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