Types Of Dishwashers Part 1
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Types Of Dishwashers Part 1

Before you start your dishwasher search, it’s good to have an idea of what type of dishwasher you want – both in terms of size and how it’s fitted. The dishwasher you choose is going to depend on your habits, your family size, how much space is available and your budget.

Types Of Dishwashers Part 1

Freestanding vs Integrated

The first big decision is whether you will choose a freestanding or integrated (or built-in) appliance. Both have their advantages, but it comes down to how you want your kitchen to look after you have had your machine installed.


Freestanding dishwashers are the most common and can be slotted into almost any kitchen where a previous dishwasher used to be or there is a suitable empty space. The door is designed to remain visible and accessible. Because of their popularity, there are loads of dishwashers available in this style, to suit every tastes and budget. There are a variety of colour options available, but the most common are white, black, grey and silver. This style is fairly portable as it’s not built into your kitchen, so if you move home you can take it with you. The main downside is that freestanding models don’t blend in well with kitchen units like an integrated dishwasher does.


Integrated dishwashers are great if you have a fitted kitchen and like a uniform look, as they are designed to be hidden away out of sight. Fully integrated models are completely hidden behind a matching cabinet door. Semi-integrated dishwashers are almost concealed, except a control panel is visible at the top. Built-in dishwashers keep a streamlined look in your kitchen, but they are more difficult to move than freestanding dishwashers, as they are fitted in place. Also, you often can’t see the control panel if you have a fully integrated style, so you may have to open the door to check if your wash is finished!

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