Dishwasher Maintenance And Cleaning Part 2
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Dishwasher Maintenance And Cleaning Part 2

Here is the second part of our guide to dishwasher maintenance and cleaning.

Dishwasher Maintenance And Cleaning Part 2

Rinse Aid

Whether you will need to use rinse aid or not depends on your water hardness, the detergent you use, and the items you’re cleaning. Rinse aid helps dishes get dryer at the end of a cycle by letting the water runoff more easily. It can also prevent watermarks on the glass. It’s not as expensive as detergent, is optional.


You may see manufacturers referring to a salt reservoir. Dishwasher salt is not the same as table salt. Regular salt corrodes your pipes so only buy salt that is labelled for dishwasher use. Putting salt in a dishwasher is very helpful if you live in an area that has hard water, Salt reduces streaks and marks on your crockery by softening the water. The salt reacts with the minerals in the water, preventing limescale. This also keeps the heating element and jets in the dishwasher clear. Many dishwashers have a funnel to make topping up salt easier. A salt level indicator is a good feature to have, as it takes the guesswork out. Using dishwasher salt actually saves you money as you won’t have to use so much detergent and rinse aid and your dishwasher will last longer.


Whichever dishwasher you pick, you’ll have to spend some time cleaning it occasionally. You can include a dishwasher cleaner in your running costs calculation. It removes grease and limescale, keeping the machine running smoothly. Some people use vinegar or lemon juice instead. Other tasks include cleaning the filter, wiping seals, and removing any blockages from the spray arms. Manufacturers include details in the manual to make these processes easier. Nearly all modern dishwashers have removable filters and arms are found. If you’re not a fan of pre-rinsing your dishes, a dishwasher with a self-cleaning filter is a good choice, as you won’t need to remove and clean it manually.


Cleaning and maintenance aside, it’s useful to know your new dishwasher is likely to last. A long warranty period is a good indication of this. Look for dishwashers which come with parts and labour guarantee – these range from one to five years and vary between brands.

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