Dishwasher Maintenance And Cleaning Part 1
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Dishwasher Maintenance And Cleaning Part 1

It is important to buy a dishwasher that suits your family’s lifestyle. This article explains the basics of dishwasher maintenance, so you can choose a dishwasher that is as fuss-free as possible to use and clean – with the lowest running costs.

Dishwasher Maintenance & Cleaning Part 1

Loading The Dishwasher

A good place to start when looking at dishwashers is to find out how the racks and cutlery baskets are designed to be used. If you load them correctly, with dirtier items at the bottom and cleaner ones at the top, you will get better results and less risk of breakages. Choosing a dishwasher with a logical layout makes it easier to keep the dishwasher - and your crockery - in good condition. Avoid buying a dishwasher that is too small as it will force you to overload the baskets, resulting in either poor performance or, in the worst cases, damage.


Detergent is essential for dishwashers. It is available in liquid, gel, tablet, and powder form, and every type has its own separate pros and cons.

  • Powder is very powerful, but can also be little harsh, so it is not the best choice if you want to wash more delicate items.
  • Gels are not very common, but because they are water-based, they will not be as abrasive on your fragile items.
  • Tablets are very popular as they combine salt, rinse aid and detergent all into a single package. A high-quality detergent will let you run an energy-saving eco cycle at a lower temperature, while still cleaning the dishes thoroughly.

Some dishwashers have a dosage function, which will save you money by preventing you from using too much powder. However, if you are going to use dishwasher tablets, this will not be an issue. Manufacturers will often recommend specific detergents, but most buyers make a choice based on their own personal preference and a bit of experimentation.

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