Tumble Dryer Programmes Part 2
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Tumble Dryer Programmes Part 2

Before you buy one, it is a good idea to decide which tumble dryer programmes you will need, and which you can afford.

Tumble Dryer Programmes Part 2

Tumble dryers have a range of programmes, from simple timed cycles to settings dedicated to particular fabrics. Some tumble dryers even have intelligent sensors to protect your laundry.

Programmes By Fabric Type

Tumble dryers usually have separate settings for drying clothing made out of0 cotton and synthetic materials. For more delicate fabrics such as wool, some dryers have a specialised cycle that uses less heat and reduces the amount of tumbling. This ensures that these sensitive materials are not damaged by the drying process. Synthetics programmes can only dry approximately half of the amount of clothing as a programme designed for cotton garments, because of the nature of these fabrics.

Programmes By Time

Some of the lower-cost tumble dryers need you to set a drying time manually, rather than using a sensor. Therefore, you must use some educated guesswork to get your clothes dry.

Special Programmes

Some of the tumble dryers on the market have a whole range of special programmes, each designed to perform a specific function. Outdoor wear programmes will dry more substantial items such as coats or jackets better, and lingerie programmes give light, delicate items the care that they need. Some tumble dryer manufacturers offer programmes specifically designed for garments like jeans. A super quick programme will get your clothes ready to wear in a shorter time. Cycle speeds vary greatly between different manufacturers, so it is worth doing a bit of research before you buy one. Easy iron programmes will alternate between cool and warm air during the cycle so your clothes stay as free of creases as possible.

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