Tumble Dryer Programmes Part 1
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Tumble Dryer Programmes Part 1

Before you buy one, it is a good idea to decide which tumble dryer programmes you will need, and which you can afford.

Tumble Dryer Programmes Part 1

Tumble dryers have a variety of programmes, ranging from simple timed cycles to settings dedicated to specific fabrics. Some tumble dryers even include intelligent sensors to protect your washing.

Sensor Drying

Sensor drying will detects the size and weight of your laundry load, and makes sure the dryer only runs for as long as is necessary. Once you have reached your chosen level of dryness, the appliance will switch itself off. You will use less energy and therefore save money if you buy a model with a sensor drying function, which will also protect your clothes from shrinkage and damage due to over-drying. Sensor drying comes on both cheaper and top-of-the-range models, so whatever your budget, you will find a model that has this feature.

Most tumble dryers that have sensor drying technology have a choice of four dryness settings:

  • *         IRON DRY - your laundry is left slightly damp so it is easier to iron. The downside, of course, is that you have to immediately iron your clothes for maximum effectiveness.
  • *         HANGER DRY - Hanger dry is ideal for items such as sweatshirts, that do not need ironing. Any light creases drop out as your washing is hung on a hanger.
  • *         CUPBOARD DRY - This ensures your laundry is dry enough to be put away immediately after the cycle is complete. It is worth noting that every manufacturer has a different definition as to what “cupboard dry” means, so check before you buy.
  • *         EXTRA DRY - A longer cycle time that ensures bulkier items are completely dry. This is perfect for bedding and towels.

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