Tumble Dryer Energy Efficiency Part 2
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Tumble Dryer Energy Efficiency Part 2

There are a few types of tumble dryer, some of which are more efficient. Heat pump condenser dryers are most efficient. Gas-powered tumble dryers benefit from cheaper fuel, but the initial cost is higher.

Tumble Dryer Energy Efficiency Part 2

The most efficient models cost just £23 to run per year, compared to £140 a year for the least efficient. Buying a more efficient model can save hundreds of pounds over its lifetime.

Drum Size

Buying the right sized appliance for your household goes a long way in being more energy-efficient. If you generate lots of washing, a smaller appliance may need several cycles to get through it. A model with a larger drum capacity will reduce the number of cycles needed. You must load the tumble dryer correctly, as this will also reduce the number of times it has to run. For convenience, it’s worth considering a tumble dryer with the same drum capacity size as your washing machine so wet laundry can be directly transferred.

Handy Tips For Drying

  • *         There are a few other things you can do to help make your tumble dryer more efficient.
  • *       If your machine has a high spin speed, use it to remove excess moisture from the laundry, reducing the time the tumble dryer needs to dry it.
  • *         Fluff and lint will get caught in the filters of your tumble dryer so clean them before every use. A blocked filter reduces the circulation of hot air within the appliance and makes it harder to dry everything.
  • *         Cleaning the filter is particularly important for condenser dryers that have a heat pump.
  • *         Dryer balls are handy: Put one in with your clothes to keep them separate, reducing tangles and letting the hot air circulate better.

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