Tumble Dryer Energy Efficiency Part 1
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Tumble Dryer Energy Efficiency Part 1

A tumble dryer can be one of life’s little luxuries. It dries clothes when it’s raining outside, and can warm your towels after a bath. It can even make sure you have fresh laundry for a night out. Choosing a tumble dryer model can be tricky, but once you have some know-how, you will be drying laundry indoors in no time – no more wet clothes hanging off your radiators!

Tumble Dryer Energy Efficiency Part 1

We all want to cut our electricity bills, and buying an energy-efficient tumble dryer is a good place to start. Tumble dryers can be expensive to run, but the modern models come with lots of energy-saving features that will help you keep the costs down.

Energy Efficiency Rating

When you are buying a tumble dryer take a look at its energy efficiency rating. This rating is from the European Union and it is a good way of quickly comparing machines. The highest rating that an appliance can achieve is A+++, which is in line with the ratings used for dishwashers and washing machines. However, the categories are being changed back to the older A-G format, to reduce consumer confusion. Most products are going to have new labels within four years.

Other Information On The Label

The EU energy label also gives you the average energy usage, expressed in kWh per year. This is a more accurate way of comparing different machines than the A+++ to D system, as each grade covers a range.

Sensor Drying

Choose a model with sensor drying for a more efficient cycle. The machine detects how wet the laundry is, and stops automatically when the load is dry. Sensor drying stops the appliance from using unnecessary energy, cutting costs.

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