Tumble Dryer Noise And Vibration Part 2
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Tumble Dryer Noise And Vibration Part 2

If you want a peaceful night’s sleep or to be able to hear the TV when drying, a quiet appliance is essential – especially if you have a small home.

Tumble Dryer Noise and Vibration Part 2

Tumble dryers can be quite loud, so it is important to maximise the opportunities to reduce noise.

Reducing Vibration

As your tumble dryer spins, much of the sound you hear is down to the appliance vibrating. Some brands have technology that helps to reduce this vibration. Look out for Anti-Vibration technology, which stabilises the dryer. Some manufacturers have models with Extra Quiet programmes, that dry with less noise. You can also do some things yourself to limit the loudness of vibrations. Anti-vibration feet pads or a special mat can make a difference worthwhile. These absorb and isolate vibrations, reducing noise and stopping the tumble dryer moving around. They also cushion the floor, reducing rocking. Very useful if you have an uneven floor!

Other Things To Bear In Mind

Noise level is very subjective. If you are sensitive to sound, investing in a tumble dryer that has a lower noise level and sound-reducing features is probably going to be a good idea. It is also worth noting some of the other factors can make your tumble dryer noisy. If a zip is hitting the glass door, for example, the tumble dryer is much louder than it otherwise would. Probably the most effective way of avoiding your tumble dryer bothering you with noise is to suitably locate it. Positioning it in a separate utility room or even a garage will reduce the chance of it bothering you with noise. If you must keep it in the kitchen of a small or open plan home, then a super silent model could be worth the investment.

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