Types Of Tumble Dryer Part 2
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Types Of Tumble Dryer Part 2

There are a lot of tumble dryers to choose from these days. The type of tumble dryer you choose can have a big impact on price and energy efficiency so it is important to do some research so you can make the right choice.

Types Of Tumble Dryer Part 2

Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Some condenser tumble dryers now have heat pump technology built-in. Whilst drying, warm air is re-circulated and goes through a heat pump where it is re-used. This makes these models more energy efficient. Heat pump tumble dryers are more expensive than standard models, but you will save in the long term through lower running costs.

Automatic Tumble Dryer

Automatic tumble dryers use sensor drying technology, which detects when your clothes are dry. You do not need to set a timer: the machine will stop when your clothes are ready. You can select the level of dryness, from iron dry (leaves the clothes slightly damp) to cupboard dry (so you can immediately put them away).

Manual Tumble Dryers

Manual – or “timed” - tumble dryers need you to select the drying time. This means some guesswork is involved. You will probably need to open the door a few times to check your clothes during the cycle. These models are straightforward to use and cheaper than the models with many features.

Freestanding and Integrated Tumble Dryers

The main thing to consider when choosing whether to buy a freestanding tumble dryer or an integrated model is whether you want it to be hidden inside a kitchen unit. You can put a freestanding tumble dryer anywhere there is space; integrated designs must go in a cupboard. Freestanding tumble dryers are easier to install: built-in models require more work but give a cleaner look to your kitchen.

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