Tumble Dryer Features
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Tumble Dryer Features

Tumble dryer technology is always improving. Modern models have a range of features. Here is an overview of some of the features that are available.

Tumble Dryer Features

Tumble dryers typically have an interior light, so you can see inside the drum when unloading. Some brands offer a reversible door, so you can open the tumble dryer from either side. A reversible door gives more options for where to put the dryer.

Drying Cycle Additions

Some tumble dryers offer an anti-crease feature, which happens after the cycle is over. The drum rotates occasionally until you open the door, keeping your clothes free from creases. Watch out for cool air settings: These are multi-functional, cooling down your clothes so they are not too hot after the cycle when you unload them. You can also use the setting to freshen up garments that have been stored, to get rid of musty odours

Energy Efficiency 

Heat pump-equipped dryers are more expensive than condenser dryers. It’s worth paying more: they are more energy-efficient so they are cheaper to run. Standard condenser dryers release the hot air that dries your clothes; heat pump technology retains and re-uses it. Some condenser dryers have automatic self-cleaning: The condenser is cleaned with the water that comes out of the laundry. This keeps the condenser lint-free.

Display And Controls

Electronic dials are usually used to select the programme or drying time but some models also have buttons to shorten the drying time. If you have heat-sensitive fabrics, consider a tumble dryer with a temperature selector. Sensor dryers often have an LED panel that tells you the status of the cycle. Some can even estimate the time remaining or use a buzzer to let you know your clothes are dry. Warning lights can remind you to empty the water container or clean the lint filter.

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