Tumble Dryer Styles And Colours
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Tumble Dryer Styles And Colours

How a tumble dryer looks have an effect on your décor. Tumble dryers don’t have as big a range of styles as washing machines, but you can still find one with a wow factor if you want.

Tumble Dryer Styles And Colours

Most tumble dryers are white, matching your existing appliances and common kitchen cabinets. There are different colours available, including black and silver, if that will complement your kitchen’s style better. However, brightly coloured models are less common, so if you have an eye on a specific design, you may need to compromise on features.

Door Style

Front-loading tumble dryers most popular in the UK, and have the most choice of door style. You can get models with opaque doors or traditional glass doors. Opaque doors offer a low key look and can be circular or square. Glass doors are popular as you can see your laundry. Doors are now coming in different colours and some brands offer dryers with an opaque front door, but a glass porthole within. This makes it look stylish, but keeps the convenience of being able to check on your laundry during a cycle.


Brands invest a lot of money in styling, so tumble dryers do vary between manufacturers. Often, more expensive appliances have more modern and elaborate styling. If you would rather have a minimalist design, there are now plenty of models on the market that will fit into this aesthetic. A lot of the big manufacturers design their washing machines and tumble dryer models so that they match one another, so it is worth buying both from the same brand if you want to achieve a uniform look in your kitchen or utility room.

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