Tumble Dryer Capacities
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Tumble Dryer Capacities

Tumble dryer capacity refers to the weight of dry clothes you can put in the drum. There is a range of capacities available.

Tumble Dryer Capacities

The most common size is between 7 kg and 9 kg, although smaller and larger models are available. It is important to remember that the capacity of your tumble dryers also depends on the type of clothing you are drying. For instance, you will only half half the advertised capacity if you dry a load of synthetics. To ensure perfect dryness, you must never overfill a tumble dryer. Sometimes, filling the dryer to its full capacity affects results. It is best to only fill the drum to three-quarters.

A larger capacity tumble dryer can do more drying in one go. A kilogram is approximately equal to a whole outfit: trousers, top, socks and underwear. It’s useful if your tumble dryer has the same capacity as your washing machine so you can transfer an entire wash into it.

Does Size Matter?

Large drums generally improve the flow of air, decreasing drying times and giving more energy efficiency. Increased drum space also reduces creasing, as the fabrics can move about more freely. Compact tumble dryers are often slower and less energy efficient, although cheaper to buy. These are best only if you live alone or are on a very tight budget.

What Capacity Do I Need?

When deciding on a tumble dryer capacity, think about your family’s needs. If you only do a few loads of laundry a week, then 4 kg to 6 kg should be okay. Tumble dryers with a bigger capacity can handle more laundry, or the occasional larger item. A large family that does a lot of drying might need a capacity of 8kg+.

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