Washer Dryer Size And Dimensions
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Washer Dryer Size And Dimensions

One of the main reasons people choose a washer dryer is so they can save space. You still need to check if it will fit where you intend to put it.

Washer Dryer Size And Dimensions

Washer dryer dimensions are now nearly standardised, with the exact measurements be stated in the specifications from the manufacturer.


 Most washer dryers are 85 cm tall so they will comfortably fit under a kitchen worktop. Integrated washer dryers are a bit shorter, 82 cm – but that is because they are designed to be built into the kitchen so there is no additional benefit to this.


Standard appliances are 60 cm wide. Washer dryers usually measure between 59.5 cm and 60 cm. Kitchens are designed around appliances of this size, so if you have a space under your surface, it’s likely the washer-dryer will fit there.


Depth can be linked to capacity – a larger drum means a deeper appliance. Likewise, styling can make a machine deeper than expected. Washer dryers are from 50 cm to 65 cm deep. Bear in mind that more space behind the washer dryer makes installing it easier. If you have a narrow kitchen or small utility room, you will need to be sure it won’t stick out too far. You need to allow space at the back for the hoses that are connected to the appliance, and also spacer at the front for the door to be opened.

Compact Washer Dryers

A compact washer dryer would be significantly smaller than a regular model – but you are unlikely to find one. Even if you do find one that’s smaller than the others on the market, it will still need the same space as a standard appliance under your worktops.

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