Washer Dryer Drying Programmes
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Washer Dryer Drying Programmes

Washer dryers work much like condenser tumble dryers, as opposed to the vented versions. Instead of venting the moist air produced during the drying process out of your house through a pipe, the machine instead condenses it to turn it back into liquid water. As there is no hose (which a vented tumble dryer has), you do not need to put a washer dryer beside an external wall. Unlike a standard freestanding condenser dryer, where you have to empty the water yourself, a washer-dryer drains it away automatically during the cycle. Here is a guide to some of the drying programmes you will find on a washer dryer.

Washer Dryer Drying Programmes

There are usually fewer drying options than washing options on a washer-dryer, but you will still have plenty to choose from. Most washer dryers can accommodate different fabrics: for example cottons and synthetics, just like they do when you wash. You will also find wash and dry programmes, which let you both wash and dry laundry in one continuous cycle to save time. But, you must make sure everything in the load is suitable for both programmes and the machine cannot be filled to the brim as drying clothes needs space in the drum. A final cool tumble will occur after the machine turns off the heating element so fabrics return to room temperature, minimising creases. There are usually quicker options when you need a small load dying quickly.

Sensor Drying

Sensor Drying is a more recent addition to modern washer dryers. Most brands have a sensor drying function now. Sensors in the drum monitor moisture and temperature, so the machine can stop when your clothes are dry. This will save energy and avoid shrinking and damage. Sensor washer dryers will have drying levels such as damp, iron, hanger and cupboard dry. Iron dry clothes will be left slightly damp, while cupboard ready clothes will be dry enough to put away or wear immediately

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