Washer Dryer Features & Technology Part 2

Washer Dryer Features & Technology Part 2

Washer dryers have a wealth of features but what do they all do?

Washer Dryer Features & Technology - Part 2

Let us demystify some more washer dryer features in the second part of our guide.

Well Balanced

Many machines have adjustable feet to keep them level with your kitchen worktops. Washer dryers can sometimes wobble during a vigorous spin cycle. This may increase noise as the appliance vibrates against the units or worktop. An out of balance control feature reduces this risk by sensing if the machine isn’t spinning right.

Quiet And Caring

If you do not want your washer dryer keeping you up at night, look out for one with a quiet motor, or a digital inverter motor. These reduce wear and tear, making the appliance last longer. They are also more energy-efficient, many using magnets instead of brushes to make less noise. Some brands have Gentle Care Drums with special designs on the inside to ensure delicate clothes are not snagged. You will find washer dryers that tailor the temperature and drum motion to suit different fabrics, so you can wash everything at once.

Add To Your Wash

Forgotten to put a piece of clothing in the wash? Found a sock after starting the cycle? Some machines allow you to add, or even remove, items at certain points in the cycle.

Other Features

A wide porthole makes access easier. Double door hinges let the door open almost flat. This makes loading the machine easier. It can be hard to determine the amount of detergent to use. Foam control helps remove any excess foam by altering the cycle accordingly. Or, look for a washer dryer with an intelligent load indicator, so you don’t overload it.

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