Washer Dryer Features & Technology Part 1
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Washer Dryer Features & Technology Part 1

Washer dryer features and technologies are continually being developed, to improve performance and make the appliances easier to use.

Washer Dryer Features & Technology - Part 1

Read on to discover what features you might expect, and what they all do.


Electronic displays use either LEDs, LCDs or indicator lights to show you the information you need clearly. This includes the current cycle stage, temperature and the time remaining until the wash is done. The controls could be buttons, a touch screen, or dials. These let you alter the settings to suit your needs. A delay timer is great for choosing when your wash begins. Load up, choose your programme and set a timer, so your laundry finishes when it is convenient. Some models will let you choose when the programme finishes instead of when it starts, with an ‘end time’ function. If you have children, a child lock ensures that they can’t mess with the wash settings or open the door during the cycle. Some child locks prevent the door from being closed. You can sometimes save your wash settings for the future if your machine has a memory button. If you have a smart home, why not consider a washer dryer controlled by your phone with an app? This lets you monitor and manage the wash and even diagnose problems.

Energy Saving Features

Looking to save energy, reduce your bills and help the environment? There are plenty of functions to check out from washer dryer brands. You are always likely to find a standby mode that turns off the machine after a period of no activity. There are also special washing features that allow you to wash your laundry at lower temperatures, so reducing your electricity bills. Some machines can adjust water consumption; others use air rather than water to cool down the condenser.

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