Washer Dryer Washing Programmes
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Washer Dryer Washing Programmes

Here is a guide to the washing programmes you might find on a new washer dryer.

Washing Programmes

The range of washing programmes on your new washer dryer will vary, depending on the brand and model. Most machines will have some or all of the following:

  •          Time and temperature settings: These let you create a wash programme to suit the load of laundry; to save energy, or even to kill germs.
  •          Spin speeds: The faster the drum spins, the quicker the drying. You can use a higher speed to dry towels or lower it for delicates.
  •          Quick wash: This lets you wash small loads in a short time - as little as 15 minutes.
  •          Woollens: Wool can become damaged and shrink in the wash. The woollen programme stops this from happening by using low temperatures and less drum rotation.
  •          Synthetic: For polyester/cotton blend, nylon and polyester, it is often at a temperature of 50-60°C.
  •          Cottons: A cycle that gives extra care to cottons.
  •          Handwash/Delicates/Silk: Gentle wash programmes are designed to deal with items like underwear, embellished or beaded clothing, and delicate fabrics like silk or cashmere so they do not snag, shrink or bobble.
  •          Sportswear: This programme is tough on sweat marks, mud and odour. Some models can even wash trainers.
  •          Jeans: This programme ensures the colour does not run, and your jeans do not shrink or fade.
  •          Easy iron: Perfect for shirts that wrinkle frequently. An easy-iron programme lowers the spin speed to prevent creasing.
  •          Eco-mode: This can make other programmes more energy efficient.
  •          Freshen up: If clothes are not dirty but need freshening up, this is ideal. It gives a quick rinse to remove any odours.
  •          Anti-allergy: This programme is useful if a member of your family has allergies or sensitive skin.
  •          Pre-wash: The pre-wash programme starts cleaning before the standard cycle begins.
  •          Baby: Designed for tough stains like fruit juice, baby food, mud, yoghurt, grease and vomit.
  •          Cleaning: This cycle helps keep the drum in good condition by flushing out detergent and fabric softener residue.
  •          Steam: Steam cleans clothes quickly without wrinkles, and leaves your load feeling extra soft.

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