Washer Dryer Energy Efficiency

Washer Dryer Energy Efficiency

Washing and drying clothes takes a lot of energy, but the latest models can keep costs down and help you do your bit for the environment.

Washer Dryer Energy Efficiency

Here is a guide to energy efficiency, from efficiency ratings to energy-saving tips.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

How do you choose an energy-efficient washer dryer? Start off with its energy efficiency rating. Most household appliances have one. ‘A’ is awarded to those that are the best, and ‘G’ to those that have the lowest efficiency.

Beyond Ratings

The best energy rating will not necessarily get you the most efficient appliance. The rating is calculated based on a variety of factors, including the machine’s size. This means a big A-rated washer-dryer may use more energy than a smaller model rated B. This is why it’s so important to buy a machine that has the right size drum for your family. Washer dryer energy labels will display average energy consumption as well as efficiency, so it is easier to compare models.

Not Just Energy Efficiency

You need to be aware of more than just the washer dryer’s energy consumption. They use water during drying, as well when washing. Water consumption is shown on the energy label, along with washing performance (from A-G), spin speed, drum capacity (two number: one for washing and one for drying), and noise level in decibels.

Heat Pump Washer Dryers

Although less common, heat-pump washer dryers are most efficient. They reuse hot air from the drying process rather than releasing it.

Efficient Laundry Tips

There are lots more you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Washing clothes in cooler water is the best way to rapidly reducing energy consumption. Most washer dryers let you alter the temperature setting of each wash programme, so try a lower temperature. Higher temperatures usually are only needed for stubborn stains, cleaning baby clothes, and to wash bedding and towels hygienically. Increasing spin speed extracts more water from the clothes and reduces the drying time.

Additionally, high-efficiency detergent saves on rinsing. You could try drying similar items together; towels can make the whole load take longer to dry. On warm days, let your laundry air dry, rather than using the washer dryer.

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