Washer Dryer Noise And Vibration

Washer Dryer Noise And Vibration

It is not often you get to see a washer dryer in action before you buy it. This makes it difficult to check the appliance’s noise level. So, how do you find out? Manufacturers will provide the noise level of the appliance (in dB or decibels) in the specifications and on its energy label. These numbers are difficult to understand, but at least allow you to compare models with one another. The best way to find a quieter washer dryer is to read independent reviews. Comments from people who have bought the model are valuable.

Understanding Decibels

Most washer dryers put out between 45 dB and 80 dB of noise – the spin cycle is the loudest part of the cycle, followed by drying, then washing. Anything below 50 dB for a wash cycle is regarded as “quiet”. However, no washer dryer is silent, unless it’s turned off! It’s true that appliances with lower noise ratings are quieter, but there’s more to consider. Manufacturers will test appliances in ‘ideal conditions’. Your kitchen or utility room is unlikely to be ideal so the machine will often sound noisier. The noise level depends on your hearing and the sound’s pitch, not just the volume in decibels. The machine will be noisier at some points of its cycle compared to others. In short, sound levels are subjective, so real-life reviews are a better measure than manufacturers’ specifications.

Noise Reduction Technology

Another way of finding a quieter washer dryer is by looking at the features. Some models are designed to make less noise – for example, machines with inverter motors are quieter because many don’t have brushes, so less friction is generated when the washer-dryer is running. Less friction equals less sound. Manufacturers are introducing anti-vibration laundry appliances, so it’s worth looking out for this. You can also buy antivibration feet pads and mats to cushion your appliance and absorb vibration.

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