Get Rid of Washing Machine Odours
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Get Rid of Washing Machine Odours

All washing machines need cleaning periodically. Here is our guide on how to clean your washing machine.

Get Rid of Washing Machine Odours

If you have ever smelled a nasty odour as you take out your laundry from the washing machine, chances are a dirty appliance is to blame. Even though you use your washing machine to clean your clothes, it needs a clean itself from time to time, so it can work to the best of its ability.

Leftover detergent, fabric softener and other debris stuck in the machine can transfer back onto your clothes, leaving marks and stains after a clean. As well as debris, grime and mould can thrive under the machine’s rubber seal. The washing machine’s filter and drain hose usually do not need as much attention, the interior of the appliance should be cleaned regularly: we recommend once a month.

Here’s what to do when it is time to clean your machine:

  •          Many newer washing machines have a special cleaning cycle. If yours does not, put half a cup of bleach in the dispenser and run a normal hot cycle. Be sure to thoroughly clean the drum afterwards to avoid bleach staining your clothes. You can use a speciality washing machine cleaner instead.
  •          Another common method is to tip a cup of white vinegar into the washing powder drawer, and run a hot cycle, followed by half a cup of baking soda in the drum, and running another hot cycle.

Clean the Filter

It can help to empty the machine by releasing the filter. You will usually find it in the bottom right corner outside the washer. Put a tray and some towels around it as water will come out!

  •          Remove the washing machine filter cover and pull out the filter - you may need to twist it. Give it a good clean and soak it in the washing up bowl for 10 minutes.
  •          You can also release a hose, if your machine has one, to let any dirty water run out before giving the washing machine a clean.

There are ways to stop your machine from getting smelly in the first place:

  •          Leave the door ajar between washes
  •          Wipe and dry the rubber seal are around the door
  •          Take out clean washing as quickly as you can

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