Caring for Delicate Clothes
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Caring for Delicate Clothes

Here are some rules for when you can put your delicates in the washing machine - and when you really should take them to a dry cleaner.

Caring for Delicate Clothes

Fragile clothing such as lace underwear or silk shirts can benefit from a programme designed for delicates. Cycles for woollens are great for keeping your cardigans and jumpers clean. Some exceptionally gentle wool programmes on modern washing machines have been given the seal of approval from Woolmark.

If there are fancy trims sewn tight onto the garment, they are less likely to come loose. Take extra attention when examining the stitching on sequins, as they can be very fragile and will up if they are loose and dangling, damaging your clothes.

A great thing to invest in for your washing machine is a mesh bag: You can put your delicates inside it before you wash them to prevent them from catching onto other clothes or the holes in the washing machine’s drum.

Items that are made of silk, satin, or chiffon need to be washing on the delicate, hand wash, or the gentlest cycle, with cold water, and a mild detergent. Use the shortest, slowest spin cycle and dry them laid out flat, away from the sunlight.

If a garment is very precious and you would be devastated if it were ruined, don’t even risk it: talk it to the dry cleaners.

Whites And Colours

Even if they don’t need a special programme, it’s always important to sort your laundry into whites and colours and to wash each type separately to prevent any colours from bleeding. Some washing machines have special programmes that are designed for darker items, which helps them retain colour for longer.

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