Use Shorter Wash Cycles For Longer Lasting Clothes
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Use Shorter Wash Cycles For Longer Lasting Clothes

Choosing the right time and temperature is the key to making your clothes last longer.

Use Shorter Wash Cycles For Longer Lasting Clothes

You spend a lot of money on your clothes, so you want them to last for as long as possible. Whilst the quality of the fabric is a big part of the equation; you must care for clothes properly. All clothing items are not equal: For example, bright, delicate fabrics and dark colours require more specialised care than easy-to-care-for fabrics like whites and cottons.

A University of Leeds study found that washing clothes on the shortest, coldest cycle in the washing machine will make them last longer. The study looked at colour loss, dye staining, and microfibre loss when T-Shirts were washed at 40°C for 30 minutes.

The results found significantly greater colour loss and colour transfer for a 40 °C, 85-minute wash cycle compared to a quicker cold cycle. Microfibre release was also greater for the longer 40 °C wash compared to the colder, quicker cycle.

Is Cold Washing Always Best?

Cold wash cycles are best for delicates, coloured, and lightly soiled clothing; warm water is better for heavily soiled clothing and whites. Hot water is best for extremely soiled clothing and loads like underwear or towels where you need to also remove germs and allergens. A good way to think of it is: If you are wanting to get rid of a tough, set-in stain or you want to kill germs, then you should increase the temperature.

Most washing machines have a delicate cycle, which uses a gentler wash action and a slower spin speed, which his shorter than the normal cycles, so if you are washing any delicate or coloured items you can choose this setting. A normal cycle will be a bit more aggressive, so it’s very useful for sturdier fabrics, such as denim, bedding and towels. As the name might suggest, the heavy-duty cycle is really intended for heavily soiled items as it takes longer and involves a higher-speed spin.

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