Special Washing Machine Cycles Guide

Special Washing Machine Cycles Guide

The latest washing machines have many programmes, but which are worth paying extra for?

Special Washing Machine Cycles Guide

Here are some of the common cycles that are designed to care for your clothes.

Washes For Specific Fabrics And Materials

Most washing machines will have cycles for cleaning common materials like cotton, and synthetic fibres like polyester (often called “Easy Care”) . However, if you have clothing that requires more attention, you will find specialised programmes.

  • Fragile clothing such as lace underwear or silk shirts can benefit from a programme designed for delicates.
  • Cycles for woollens are great for keeping cardigans and jumpers clean. Some exceptionally gentle wool programmes have the seal of approval from, Woolmark.
  • Several washing machines have programmes for bulky items like sheets and blankets – and some even do duvets.
  • If you have an active lifestyle (or if you've kids!), a Sportswear cycle would be ideal.
  • Some brands have even created programmes for jeans.
  • Accidents can happen: Pre-wash cycles are ideal for loosening dried-on marks before the main wash.
  • Sometimes you might only have a few nearly-clean items in the washing basket. You can get these smelling and looking great again easily by using a Freshen Up quick programme 

Whites And Colours

Even if you don’t need a special programme, it’s always important to sort laundry into whites and colours and to wash each separately to prevent any colour bleeding. Some washing machines have programmes that are specifically designed for darker items, which helps them retain their colour for a lot longer. If you have many suits, black items or dark jeans, this is something to think about. You can also find models with washes designed to preserve white clothing. 

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