More Washing Machine Feature Jargon Explained
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More Washing Machine Feature Jargon Explained

Washing machine jargon can seem impenetrable. Let us explain some of the terminology used by manufacturers.

More Washing Machine Feature Jargon Explained

In A Hurry?

Quick wash cycles take from 14 to 30 minutes. You can save time with these programmes. Many brands have an Eco-Friendly programme that reduces your electricity and water bills and helps protect the planet. Some models let you use a Half Load setting to save energy on small loads.

Reduced Ironing

Reduced ironing programmes can’t eliminate ironing completely, but they make it quicker and easier thanks to reduced crease technology and a slower spin speed.

Special Care Programmes

  • Allergen removal programmes are great for families with allergy sufferers. They remove pollen and dust mites from clothes. Some such cycles are endorsed by Allergy UK.
  • Extra rinse cycles mean those sensitive to detergents don’t have to deal with irritated skin.
  • Some washing machines have special cycles created for ‘hand wash only’ garments. These protect the clothes with a gentle wash.
  • Baby cycles are perfect for bibs and baby grows.

Efficient Use Of Resources

As the environment becomes a big concern, washing machine manufacturers have added features to make their models more efficient in electricity, water and detergent usage.

  • Many machines have a range of different temperatures that go as low as 20°C.
  • Some machines use sensors to calculate the amount of energy and water needed for a wash cycle. This is efficient and helps lower your bills.
  • Automatic dosing ensures the perfect amount of detergent is used for each wash.
  • Some brands now have a consumption forecast, so you will know how much energy and water the cycle will use even before it starts

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