Why Quiet Washing Machines Matter?
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Why Quiet Washing Machines Matter?

Manufacturers specify noise level in each washing machine model’s specifications. This is the average volume of the wash and spin cycles, expressed in decibels (dB). The higher the number, the noisier the machine.

Why Quiet Washing Machines Matter?

If you have children, run your machine at night, or simply want a peaceful home, the washing machine’s volume is could be a big factor. Quiet models are also handy if you have an open-plan living room and kitchen. Most people will want the quietest washing machine, although noise may not be as high a priority as the number and range of programmes.

What Affects The Noise Level?

Noise varies depending on the quality of the washing machine.

  • Higher-end models have features like brushless motors and antivibration systems that significantly reduce noise levels.
  • Water pumps are now quieter as designs improve.
  • Where you place the machine is a factor: choose a model that is the right size to avoid it vibrating against kitchen units or other appliances. 

Average Noise Ratings

Most washing machines fall between 40 dB and 80 dB. Anything below 50 dB is a particularly quiet model. As a comparison, a vacuum cleaner makes about 70 dB, someone talking at a normal volume is about 50-60 dB, and a quiet library will be about 40 dB.

If the noise level of your washing machine is particularly important to you, then keep your eye out for models that use technology such as a brushless or inverter motor and special anti-vibration designs. You should also watch out for machines that have been awarded the “Quiet Mark award” as these appliances have been recognised by experts as being especially quiet for the category.

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