Washing Machine Energy Ratings Explained
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Washing Machine Energy Ratings Explained

EU energy efficiency ratings are a little confusing at first, but our guide will answer most of your questions. Read our washing machine energy ratings guide for more information...

Washing Machine Energy Ratings Explained

Why Do We Need Energy Labels?

All household appliances must now have an EU energy efficiency label. This allows consumers to easily compare different models to compare running costs and get an idea of their efficiency. It also encourages manufacturers to take a lot more responsibility for environmental matters. Washing machine energy efficiency ratings are shown on a label and are expressed in the form of a letter of the alphabet.

Washing Machine Energy Labels Explained

Since 2014, washing machines have only been rated A+++ (the most energy-efficient), A++, A+, or A (the least energy efficient). However, you might still occasionally find older models for sale that have B, C or D ratings.

You will also find a lot of other information on the washing machine’s energy label, including its annual water consumption (expressed in litres), load capacity (in kilogrammes), spin-drying efficiency (rated between A and G) and its noise emission (in decibels). This is useful if you are struggling to decide between two similarly-priced models.

The Energy Saving Trust endorses the most energy-efficient washing machines. The easiest way to find such models is to watch out for the “Energy Saving Recommended” logo.

How Are Energy Ratings Calculated?

Washing machine ratings are the kilowatt-hours needed per year for full and partial 60°C cotton loads and 40°C partial cotton loads. The label will not offer a true reflection of energy efficiency if you use different cycles.

What About Water Consumption?

The energy rating doesn’t take into account water usage, only electricity. Water consumption is shown on the label but doesn’t affect the rating. Water usage ranges between 6-14 litres per kilogram. 

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