Washing Machine Performance Guide
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Washing Machine Performance Guide

When you are buying a new washing machine, you will see ratings on the label or in the specification. These include wash and spin ratings, along with the machine’s spin speed. But what do they mean?

Washing Machine Performance Guide

Spin Speed

Spin speed is expressed in Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), and is the speed that the drum rotates during the spin cycle. Speeds range between 400 and 1800 RPM. Look for a model with a high RPM as the faster the spin, the more water will be squeezed out of your laundry so the quicker it will dry.

Some models let you to alter spin speed to suit the load. Delicates and silks could get damaged at high spin speeds and lowering spin speed reduce creasing. Models with high spin speeds are often more expensive, and some say the difference in the amount of water extracted isn’t that noticeable as spin speed gets higher. However, if you use a tumble dryer, a higher spin speed gives the dryer less work to do, saving energy and money.

Spin Performance

As well as a spin speed rating, washing machines also have a spin performance rating between A and G. Most models score at least a C, so although this lets you compare different models, the actual speed is usually a better measurement to consider.

Wash Performance

Washing performance is on how well the washing machine cleans a load during a wash cycle. These range from A to G, although all recent machines are required to have the A rating. This rating only measures the appliance’s 60°C wash which you will probably not use very often so this information is not very useful unless you’re comparing the machine to an older model. 

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