What’s The Right Washing Machine Temperature Setting?

What’s The Right Washing Machine Temperature Setting?

Modern washing machines have many temperatures: hot, warm and cold. Since 2013, all washing machines in the UK have had to feature a 20°C wash. Some models offer a boil wash at 95°C, although most only wash at 90°C. When buying a washing machine, think about the contents of your wardrobe to decide which temperature you’ll use most often.

What's The Right Washing Machine Temperature Setting?

Washing clothes at the right temperature is crucial. Higher temperatures kill germs, but heat damages some fabrics. Low temperatures save electricity but might not get your clothes as clean. Wash temperature affects the lifespan of your clothes, the performance of the detergent and the amount of creasing. Following care label instructions is the best way to make sure your items retain their shape, colour and condition as long as possible.

When To Use A Hot Wash

If you happen to have a baby at home or a family member with allergies it’s worth buying a washing machine that can clean your clothes at high temperatures. Hot water works best for white clothing made from hard-wearing materials like cotton. Items such as bedding and towels should be washed at high temperatures because heat is a good way to kill germs.

Most washing machines offer a hot cycle for cottons, with a temperature of up to 90°C. A few brands have specialised high-temperature programmes.


When To Use Warm Water

Do you have clothing made of man-made fabrics? If so, you’re likely to want a washing machine with a selection of warm temperature settings. Warm temperatures are best for denim jeans and moderately soiled items.


When To Use Cold Water

If you are environmentally conscious and like to keep energy bills as low as possible then washing machines with cold water cycles are for you. Advances in laundry detergents mean you can get your clothes clean and fresh at temperatures as low as 20°C. Coldwater cycles are good for brightly coloured items that might to bleed, lightly soiled items, delicates and woollens.

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