Washing Machine Programmes Explained

Washing Machine Programmes Explained

Before you buy a new washing machine, you will need to think about which programmes are going to be most useful for you and your family. For example, if you are environmentally conscious, you will want a machine that has energy efficient cycles; or if you lead a busy life, you are likely to want a model that has quick wash options.

Washing Machine Programmes Explained

The latest washing machine models have many programmes, from conventional to high-tech. When you are choosing a washing machine, you will need to consider which cycles you are willing to pay extra for, and which you will not need.


Washes For Specific Fabrics and Materials

Most washers have cycles for cleaning the most common materials like cotton, as well as synthetic fabrics such as polyester. The synthetics programme might be labelled “Easy Care”. However, if you have clothes that require more attention, you can choose a specialised programme.


Whites And Colours

It is essential to sort laundry into whites and colours, which are washed separately to prevent any colour bleed. Some washing have programmes designed for dark items, so they retain their colour.


In A Hurry?

Many washing machines offer a shorter cycle time that can clean clothes in 14 to 30 minutes. You can save time with these for smaller loads.


Special Care Programmes

  • Allergen removal can help allergy sufferers as they remove pollen and dust mites during the wash.
  • Extra rinse cycles mean those sensitive to detergents don’t have to deal with irritated skin.
  • Some washing have cycles for garments that are usually ‘hand wash only.’
  • Baby cycles are perfect for bibs and baby grows, cleaning them intensively to remove food stains and other dirt.

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