Jargon Free Washing Machine Features
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Jargon Free Washing Machine Features

Washing machine features can be confusing. Here’s our guide to cut through the jargon.

Jargon Free Washing Machine Features

  • Most washing machine control panels have a multitude of buttons, switches and dials to set the machine. Some high-end models now have touch control displays, so it is easier than ever to set up a cycle.
  • Indicator lights are used to indicate what settings you’ve chosen and how long is left in the cycle. Some machines use an LCD display instead.
  • Some machines have favourites buttons, so you can save your favourite settings.
  • Pause buttons are useful feature – especially when you find an extra sock for the wash after the cycle has started.
  • A time delay allows you to set a programme to start when you want. This is useful for those who have cheaper night-time electricity rates or don’t like damp clothes in the machine for hours.


Safety Features

Many washing machine features protect you against accidents.

  • Child locks stop children from altering settings once a wash has started.
  • Door locks prevent little ones from opening the machine.
  • Overflow systems use sensors to detect potential problems. They cut off the water supply if there is a problem, so you don’t come home to a flood.
  • Many machines have overheating protection, which helps to extend the motor’s life span.
  • Excessive detergent can cause an overflow of foam. Anti-foam technology prevents this.


Design Features

Technology helps washing machines be quieter than ever.

  • Modern brushless motors reduce high-frequency noise for quieter wash programmes.
  • Machine walls can now be designed to absorb the sound and reduce vibrations.
  • Self-cleaning detergent drawers use powerful water jets to flush out residue after a wash.
  • Some brands now include portholes with mini doors so you can add items to the wash after it has started.
  • Variable spin speeds are ideal if your sheets are coming out creased. Lower the spin speed and they don’t get as tangled.
  • Some machines have special drums that move your laundry items around evenly during the wash.


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