Freestanding or Integrated? Our Guide To Washing Machine Sizes…
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Freestanding or Integrated? Our Guide To Washing Machine Sizes…

The first choice to make for a new washing machine is: freestanding or integrated? Read our guide to washing machine sizes...

Freestanding or Integrated? Our Guide To Washing Machine Sizes…

The most typical washing machines are freestanding and can be placed anywhere near a drain and an electrical socket. If you have a gap where your old washing machine was, you can slot this style directly into the same space. However, you need plenty of space on all sides. Freestanding models aren’t fixed securely in place like built-in versions so that vibrations will transfer into surrounding units.  As freestanding models are most common, you get the best choice of drum capacity, spin speed, and lots of colours.



If you need a washing machine to blend in with your kitchen, you should consider choosing an integrated model. Also called “built-in”, they can be placed behind a cupboard door. Hiding the machine maintains a neat look in the room. An integrated design helps to reduce vibration noises too. Plus, the cupboard door muffles sounds. Integrated machines are more difficult to install and remove because the cupboard door must be lined up correctly and drilled. The machine needs to be levelled and secured properly. It’s possible to install one yourself, but you might want to think about adding installation costs.


Smaller Machines

Smaller styles are not so common and can be quite a bit more expensive. But, if you have limited space and don’t mind a smaller capacity, a compact model may suit your needs. Compact machines generally measure 70 cm (H) x 50 cm (W) x 50 cm (D) and have a 5-7 kg drum capacity. Slimline models are even narrower at 34-48 cm width and are perfect for smaller homes or flats.


S&D Ireland

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