The Importance Of Washing Machine Drum Size & Capacity
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The Importance Of Washing Machine Drum Size & Capacity

What size washing machine do you need? Read our article on the importance of washing machine drum size & capacity.

The Importance Of Washing Machine Drum Size & Capacity

A washing machine’s drum capacity is the total weight of dry clothing you can wash per cycle. This is less than you can physically fit inside the drum. Most machines are between 6 kg and 12 kg. It is recommended to choose a drum size you will not struggle to fill.

What Size Do I Need?

When choosing drum size, think about your washing habits and needs. How big is your household? How many washes do you typically do per week? What kind of fabrics and clothing will you wash?

A 7-8 kg drum is good for a medium-sized household. Machines in this size category have enough space for a standard wash and have programmes for smaller loads too.

Should you have a large household that does several washes per week, with heavily soiled loads, then a bigger drum capacity may be better. Equally, a smaller family will find a smaller capacity more suitable.

How Much Can I Wash At Once?

The amount you can fit in the machine varies depending on your clothes. However, as a rule, a 7 kg machine can fit 35 cotton t-shirts or a double duvet in one load. An 8 kg machine can manage 40 t-shirts, a 10 kg machine can cope with 50 t-shirts, and a 12 kg machine could manage 60 t-shirts.

Is A Bigger Capacity Better?

Some people think that getting the biggest washing machine gives them a better cleaning performance. Larger capacity machines have advantages but have negatives too. The main advantage of a larger capacity machine is it holds more items, so you can clean clothing in fewer washes. Fewer, larger washes are more economical. However, larger machines are more expensive to buy and half-full cycles can be more expensive.

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