Types Of Washing Machines Explained
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Types Of Washing Machines Explained

Are you planning on buying a new washing machine? Do you know what features to look out for? There are a huge number of models on the market, from basic models to high-tech machines. Read our types of washing machines explained article for more information...

It is important to ensure you buy the right appliance for your home. You need a reliable washing machine that gives great results and suits your family. It is easier to choose one than you may think –our simple guides are here to help you pick out the perfect washing machine. 

Types Of Washing Machines Explained

Front Loading

Most UK washing machines are front-loading: the door faces forward. This has several benefits over American-style top-loading models.

  • Machines can be stacked with a second washing machine or a tumble dryer, although you will need a kit to keep the machines secure.
  • Research shows front loaders are better at cleaning than top loaders.
  • They are more energy-efficient as they use less water per wash cycle. Many machines have features to adjust the water level based on load, so it isn’t wasted.
  • Front-loaders have high spin speeds which extract more water from laundry, so drying is quicker.
  • Some models have a large capacity, so you need fewer washes and can fit bulky items like towels or duvets inside. 

Cold Fill

All washing machines in the UK are now cold fill: they heat the water inside the machine instead of then using hot water from the boiler. Manufacturers prefer cold fill as are they can be made cheaper.

  • The main advantage of a cold fill machine is efficiency. Instead of using pre-heated water from a boiler, these machines use the exact amount of water they need for a wash.
  • Cold fill washing machines are easy to install and cheaper to maintain. 

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