How to Protect Your Family from Coronavirus with Household Cleaners
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How to Protect Your Family from Coronavirus with Household Cleaners

With lockdown in force in the UK because of the coronavirus outbreak, most of us are spending most of the day within our home. This means that, more than ever, we have to keep up good home hygiene habits so we can prevent the spread of Covid-19.

How to Protect Your Family from Coronavirus with Household Cleaners

Scientists say the coronavirus lives on surfaces for up to nine days, so make sure you're doing all you can to eliminate it. Hand washing is key to reducing the spread of Covid-19 - but what else can we do in our homes to eliminate the virus?

1. Soap and water

Soap and water are the first lines of defence. Soap interferes with the virus shell and as it removes the virus from surfaces it is rinsed away by water.

2. Bleach

The active ingredient in household bleach – sodium hypochlorite – is highly effective at killing viruses. Leave the bleach to work for 15 minutes then wipe the surface down with a clean cloth. The bleach destroys the protein and ribonucleic acid (RNA) of the virus.

3. Surgical spirit

Surgical spirit is made of the alcohol ethanol, which kills coronaviruses in as few as 30 seconds. Moisten a cloth with neat surgical spirit and rub it over the surface. It evaporates so you will not need to wipe it away.

4. Surface wipes

The active ingredient in most surface wipes is an antiseptic called benzalkonium chloride. Wipes physically remove germs through the pressure applied, and the germs attach to the wipe. They leave a layer of antiseptic on the surface that also kills germs. Beware: there is no evidence that antiseptic kills human coronaviruses.

5. Hand sanitisers

The ingredient in hand sanitisers that can kill SARS-CoV-2 is ethanol. The concentration is very important – it must be over 70 % or it will not kill viruses.

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